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Chicago, IL ~ Sunday May 19th and Monday May 20th ~ 339 N. BELL AVE., CHICAGO, IL 60612

Based in Los Angeles, ATELIER SAUCIER is a modern design house for sustainable + customizable table linens. With backgrounds in the food + fashion industries, founders (and best friends) Nikki Reed and Staci Inspektor set out to combine their varied experiences and shared passion for hosting; and introduce a fresh, elevated perspective to all things table linens. From elevated eateries to in-room dining to custom gift shop pieces, our linens add a personalized, branded touch to your guests' experience. ATELIER SAUCIER is where entertaining, dining and design intersect.

Chubo is an online marketplace for the very best Japanese knives, kitchen + barware.Roughly translated, Chubo is the Japanese word for ‘restaurant kitchen’. Our goal is to provide products that can stand up to the rigors of professional kitchen use, while also being loved and enjoyed by home cooks looking for the highest quality products available. We sincerely believe that Japanese cutlery and kitchenware is the best in the world and we are passionate about bringing the best of the best to cooks everywhere.   

QUALITY: We set the standard for the best coffees by driving innovation at every step of the supply chain.

SUSTAINABILITY: We take action to invest in the environment and people through collaboration, communication, and transparency.

EDUCATION: We cultivate and exchange knowledge to empower people to create extraordinary coffee experiences.

Culinary Agents is the Hospitality Industry’s Hiring Platform. Find, recruit and hire who you need, when you need them.

East Fork is a certified B Corporation in Asheville, North Carolina, committed to bringing you the most beautiful, functional and long-lasting dinnerware out there while treating each other and our community with kindness and respect.

Felt+Fat is a ceramic design and manufacturing company specializing in unique, durable tableware and accessories for both professional and amateur chefs.

J.B. Prince Company is a distributor of fine chefs' tools and equipment from around the world. We stock the top-of-the-line from hundreds of factories in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. There's no waiting for your order to come from overseas, for we stock everything in our warehouse.

When Jono started the company in 2004, he had a simple mission: to design unique dinnerware options for the hospitality industry. He started small, with one wheel and one kiln, and collaborated with chefs, taking risks and learning from his mistakes. Then and now, his priority is to work directly with our clients, responding quickly and thoughtfully to their needs in ways that larger manufacturers can’t, resulting in dinnerware with a personal feel that sets our clients’ restaurants and dining rooms apart.

Friends Eunice Byun and David Nguyen founded Material to bring innovative design and high performance into the kitchen, creating modern classics for life's savoriest moments.
The result? A cult-favorite kitchenware brand, creating sell-out product after sell-out product.
We believe in doing things right rather than quick. We do our research and create products optimized for performance. Considered material sourcing meets meticulous design, enabling cooking experiences that are more than simply effective, they’re joyful.

MISE is defining the new standard of culinary footwear through performance, style, and a community focused approach.

Based in Providence, RI Myrth handcrafts elegant, lasting porcelain dinnerware and vessels for home and restaurant kitchens. Our timeless wares are designed for durability so that our dishes may be long lasting additions to your table.

We are hospitality. We aim to give you, our partners, the same experience you give your customers. We pride ourselves in understanding what goes into your everyday, responding to it with great clothing and then standing behind our goods to make sure you're not just satisfied, but wowed by the details and quality that have gone into our production process. We aim to make your brand experience shine, whether that's through our stock uniform program or working with your creative minds to implement a one of a kind custom uniform. Hospitality is in everything we do, it's who we are.

The Ousia Fountain allows you to concoct your favorite recipes, drinks, and fragrances from the comfort of your own kitchen. Extract pure, natural botanical oil that can be used for a variety of applications including flavor enhancement, fragrance creation, botanicals, and aromatherapy. Explore your essence with the Ousia Fountian.

Smarter recipe management
for culinary organizations
at scale. From laser accurate food costing, to real-time menu engineering, and easy recipe organization, our culinary operating system is built for how food and beverage professionals think and operate.